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Robert Stevenson, The founder of rs carpentry & joinery in 2006, After qualifing as a carpenter joiner with City&Guilds, N.V.Q 1,2&3 in site carpentry & bench joinery, I started working for a large building & construction company, I felt that if i was going to own and run my own buisness in the furture i was going to need to learn more about the industry, I needed to gain knowledge about buisness managment.


It was at this point while working as a subcontract carpenter I was fortunate to starting working closely alongside project managers and site managers within the company, I am thankful to them for giving their time and passing on there knowledge.


In this industry you get to work with many diffrent tradesmen this was great for someone like myself wanting to to learn more within the industry, I started to learn and undertstand about other trades and what there rolls intell, knowing the kind of high standerd that was expected from them gave me even more motivation and determination to continue delivering the high standerd of work that i was already producing in my own trade. I was always given complements about my work from other tradsmen which boosted my confidents to go futher and do better, I then decided it was time to start my own buisnes i felt proud to be finally doing this, not for myself but for my now growing family, I started to put things in place, so i registered with HMRC for the construction industry shceme, I then put all the appropriate insurance in place, After finding the right logo to suit the buisness i started advertising it didnt take long for my fist job to come in, the second third and forth job was from recommendations from the first job.

About our Business and how we work


We as a business are extremely proud of our capability to provide our highly skilled tradsmen to other building & construction companies when required whether it be sub-contract work or signed contract for selected trades throughout the project, In 2019 we signed a contract with a large property developer for the entire carpentry package on four new build properties in rock cornwall this was a muilti million pound project, our team was put to the test on these high end properties, but yet again we delivered, The developer was impressed with the standard of workmenship throughout the project, I my self was proud of the extremely high standard of finish we had produced this project can be seen in our gallery.


Not only do we work for building & construction companies & property developers, we also provide our services to the public sector this could be anything from an extension to Design build and fit build in wordrobs, we treat every job the same, what ever the project may be our renowned outstanding level of craftmenship is kept throughout this shows in the high standard of finish.


When we are requested to provide a quote for any project, As you can imagine there are so many elements involved to acheive the best possible price.


We work closely with all our clients from start to finish, once we have received the architectural & structural engineers drawings we can then start the process of putting the quote together, when quoting for any project there is alot of phone calls made between myself the client and architect to ensure that all measurements are correct and that the clients requrements have been met.


Once the drawings have been scaled by myself and all measurments taken we then phone the builders merchants to get the best prices possible, all the labour cost are to be worked out , Once we have all these figures we are then able to put the quote together.


When a quote has been excepted Time scale has to be taken in account this is done by a schedule of work program writen up before work commence on site also before work commence there will be a risk assesment done and method statment writen up all this will be done with keeping the high stadard of workmenship that we promise to deliver. 



Any queries or concerns?

Please call us on 07775 431672 07775 431672 or use our contact form.

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